A Shotz Is A Wish Your Heart Makes



In July I produced Amios’ Shotz alongside Franny Civitano.

The three conditions:
1. A Disney Princess for inspiration
2. An inanimate object must come to life
3. The line, “You’re not exactly what I was expecting” 

A play by Logan Ford
Directed by Amelia Sciandra
With Franny Civitano, Michael Grew*, Meghan Hoffman*

Tale As Old As Time
A play by Zac Hoogendyk
Directed by Peryn Scmitt
With Leigh Williams*, Alex Richard*, Piaget Ventus

In The Glass Coffin
A play by Alex Hersler
Directed by Justin Yorio
With Erin Mallon*, Jeremiah DeMoss, Mandi Masden*

Pocahontas Redux
A play by Vicki Ramirez
Directed by Jeannette Turner
With Tanis Parenteau, Tyler VanCamp, Becca McLarty*

To Catch a Mermaid
A play by Allyson Morgan
Directed by Michael Kane
With Brittane Rowe, Patrick Goss, Carmen Borla

here is what i remember
A play by Zoe Farmingdale
Directed by Eva Gil
With Emily Kitchens*, Lisa Kitchens*, Brendan Titley*

Peter7 Peter6 Peter5 Peter4 Peter Peter2

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