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I am so glad you are here!

My name is Amelia Sciandra. I’m an American based in London. I moved here originally in 2014 to get my MFA in Acting from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. I graduated with Distinction in 2016, took Godspell to the Edinburgh Fringe with a company I founded (Borderline Confrontational) and then my visa ran out and I had to go back to the US.

I spent about two years as a Drama and Spanish teacher in Durham, North Carolina, scrimping and saving and in a very long distance relationship until my lovely British husband, Chris, and I got married in 2018. After a few months apart to secure my marriage visa, I came back to England in May of 2018 and Chris and I moved into London in August of the same year.

Now based in South London in Colliers Wood, I work as an actor, director, educator, coach, writer, and producer. I work with Young Film Academy as its Events and Partnerships Manager three days a week, and otherwise work as an artist doing voiceover, TV, teaching and directing at drama schools, medical role play work, and anything and everything in between. I am repped by City Actors Management for acting and Spoken4 for voice. I also do consulting work in the leadership and management sphere and hold a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management. 

I am the chair of the board for American Actors UK, an organisation devoted to the visibility of American and Canadian actors with legitimate accents who have right to work in both their home country and the UK.

Currently, I am working with a producer to get my play My Friend Is A Playwright staged in London and I’ve also written a one-woman show called 13 Children I am hoping to stage this year in its entirety after scratching 30 minutes of it at a festival in 2022. I have written another play Glorious, but Brief that is available for production as well.

I dearly love to laugh and I love the theatre more than most people like to eat. I love to travel, read, and get very invested in TV and movie characters.

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You can view my reel here.

Reach me: amelia [dot] sciandra [at] gmail [dot] com

Amelia Married Chris - 124

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